Friday, October 4, 2013

This is my confession...

A Blonde Ambition
A.  I CAN NOT wait for the Bestie time I have scheduled this weekend! That whole her sustaining a life kind of puts a kink in the ol social arena, so when her hubs wanted to go hunting I jumped at the chance to babysit!!! I am excited to just trade war stories from the last two weeks!

B. I may need to re-evaluate my "Tunes" (the playlist I most listen to) playlist. I was driving home the other day listening to All Sons and Daughers' Wake Up and A$AP Rocky's Problems came on next. I judged myself.

C. I confess that I really do have the BEST job ever! High Schoolers are funny... sometimes even on purpose. I told a student the other day to stop being ornery. He then asked what that meant and I explained. He sarcastically asked if I even knew how to spell that big word. I answered him yes and said do you? He then in front of the whole class attempted... HORNEY. Only a few of us picked up on it and could not contain our laughter (yes I know I have the humor of a freshman boy)! He was pretty embarrassed when he realized what he'd done. Needless to say he has not been too ornery since! (Got to love that Oklahoma accent changing how phonetically words are spelled!)

D. I am fully aware that this is stereotypical "white girl" but I just adore FALL!! I can't wait till it actually feels like it here!

I Wore Yoga Pants to Work

Make it a great one, Sugars