Friday, May 24, 2013

Confessional Friday...

A Blonde Ambition's Confessional Friday
Lets Confess, shall we?

1. I confess that I am not cut out for Read-A-Thons. I literally only finished the book I was currently reading. I was actually REALLY busy that week but when I did have time to read I felt pressured and then couldn't make myself. (I need help...  I know!)

2. I confess that I am SSSOOO happy to be out for Summer! I woke up at 9 today, had a two hour lunch with some former students, and then read this afternoon! I LOVE not having a strict schedule!

3. I confess that I am BLOWN AWAY at the Love that Oklahoma feels from the rest of the US and the World. Monday's events were heart breaking and I hate it but it is a beautiful thing to see a state, country, and a world come together to help each other out! I think it gives us a little glimpse into Heaven! Won't that be wonderful!

4. I confess that I think a lot of people think I am a BIG ol nerd because when I am asked the question," Have any big summer plans?" I may or may not answer," I have a big stack of books that I am SO excited to read!"

I Wore Yoga Pants to Work
And some jams to get this long weekend started...

Stay Safe and Happy Reading, Sugars

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