Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Funday!!!

It's that wonderful time of the week again... 

A Blonde Ambition's Confessional Friday

A. I confess that Teacher Appreciation week is fun! I'm a sucker for gifts and extra attention!

B. I confess that I think I might have bit off more than I can chew with this whole Read-a-thon business! I was looking at my calendar for next week and it may be the busiest week I've had all Spring... Que Sera Sera!!!

C. I confess that I am SO obsessed with Mad Men that I might have purchased some beauty items lately that will help me achieve this look...

(I have a vivid imagination!)

D. I confess that I CAN NOT wait to watch this...

E. I confess that I may be more excited that we only have 7 days of school left than the kids, and that is saying A LOT people!!!

And ...
I Wore Yoga Pants to Work's 

Here's a little ditty to start your weekend off right... 

Have a wonderful weekend, Sugars...



  1. Your blog is too cute and I am also beyond stoked for Great Gatsby!! AGGHH!!