Tuesday, May 21, 2013


(This picture was found among the rubble last evening. It speaks the truth!)
My heart is heavy today. I can not fathom what my statesmen are going through in Moore. Tornadoes are unfortunately just a part of living in Oklahoma. I think Carrie Underwood put it best last night in a tweet, "You always know what can happen but that doesn't make it any easier when it does." Growing up an Okie you are preached at from your earliest memories on storm safety and precautions. You start drills literally in pre-school. That horrific F5 is ALWAYS in the back of your mind but you never really think it could happen... and then it does... and it takes the lives of beautiful people People who are like you. You both cheer for the Thunder, both have cousins who live in Stigler, or maybe you both attended Oklahoma State. It's surreal. I have, since it happened, fought the urge to get in my car and drive to Moore. I don't know what I would do but be in the way but I want to do SOMETHING! As a teacher hearing the stories of the elementary school is heart-breaking. I saw an interview last night of a man who helped pull a car off a teacher. She was shielding three of her students with her body. All three kids were fine besides some bumps and bruises... she is still in critical condition. I hate that it takes a disaster to remind me and others how much we love each other and how truly blessed we are. Us Okies will be OK  Struggle and heart-ache are nothing new to this Great State! The love and concern from all over our Great Nation is humbling and appreciated. Please Pray for Oklahoma but don't worry... we are Oklahoma Strong! 


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