Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday... Friday... Gotta get down on Friday!!!

RRL is linking up with A Blonde Ambition and I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for a little Friday FUN!! 

First, Confessional Friday...

A. I confess that I HATE when they change original book covers over to the movie posters cover. That is unless it is a cover with Leonardo DiCaprio on it...

Get it here
He can be on any book cover he wants to! 

B. I confess that I am IN LOVE with the show Mad Men. I am currently in the middle of Season 2 on Netflix. Betty Draper you are my style inspiration! 

C. I confess that I am very thankful that Netflix was not around when I was in college. I would have surely failed out! 

D. I confess that this freezing weather in May is for the birds. I am an Oklahoma girl... I need my hot weather!!! 

Last but definitely not least here are some tunes to start your weekend off right!!!! 

I leave you with two of my favorites from this past week... and oldie and a newie (I don't know). 

I told you I was super into Mad Men!!! 

Happy Reading, Sugars


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