Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher's Appreciation Week...

Happy Teacher's Appreciation week!!! You might be thinking... "This is a book review blog, why is she talking about Teachers?" Well... 

I have been blessed with some really A-Mazing teachers! I would like to THANK ALL the teachers I have had throughout the years! There are a few who really stick out to me! Thank you, Mrs. Blackwell (1st and 5th) for always making me feel special and smart! Also, for teaching me READ, something that is truly a daily blessing in my life! Thank you, Mrs Myers (Aunt Linda) (3rd grade Math) for always being so encouraging and for being an AWESOME Aunt!!! You are always SO supportive! Thank you, Miss Wood (6th and 7th grade History) for showing me that you could be a girlie girl and super stylish and still love History!!! And last but definitely not least Thank you, Mrs Kelly (sophomore US History) for inspiring me to be a high school teacher, showing me that Teachers can make a huge impact on their students, and for helping me through my first year of teaching high school where you constantly reminded me that this was the Lord's plan for me and he would make a way! And for being such an INCREDIBLE friend!!! Thank you to all the teachers out there! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! 

Happy Reading, Sugars


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